5020935650_2ab6969092_zWe here at the millennial entrepreneur are self-confessed bookworms and believe that a well cultivated, regular reading habit (30 minutes plus per day) is one of the most crucial actions one could possibly take to ensure success in any given field.

Note that by daily reading, we are not talking about the next Game of Throne novel, if Gorge R R Martin ever gets round to finishing it that is, 50 shades or the like, but rather works that will actually further your business acumen, books that explore topics such as business, finance, industry, wealth creation and personal development. As well as volumes written by or about some of the world’s most successful people , current and past, and how they got to where they were/are.
The books outlined in the following lists all contain many insightful and relevant lessons which ,when applied (action being the key word there) will undoubtedly assist in the growth of yourreading enterprise while simultaneously enabling you to grow as a person and leader.

One thing to note is that while not all avid readers have gone on to become great entrepreneurs and business leaders, nearly all great entrepreneurs and business leaders possess or rather have developed a diligent reading habit, and one could argue,  fostered a love for the written word. Or, like a wise man once said

“Readers are Leaders”

Below, in no particular order of importance or rank, are some of the books we here at The Millennial Entrepreneur recommend. That being said there are hundreds more out there. So please, after reading this list, do yourself a favor. Pick a book , grab a copy and get reading.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” —Frederick Douglass

  • Rich Dad  Poor dad -Robert Kiyosaki

rich dad The first in the Rich Dad educational series. Rich Dad Poor Dad  stresses the importance of increasing your financial literacy, Written for  today’s youth, through recounting  his own upbringing and education Robert deftly and succinctly breaks down important economic concepts. Robert utilizes the opposite and often conflicting examples of his “Rich ” and “Poor” Dad to highlight the differences in attitudes and indeed mindsets of the world’s wealthy compared to those not so successful. A must-read for anyone beginning their own financial education.

  • The Richest Man in Babylon –George S. Clason

babylonIn this classic ,the author makes use of the setting of ancient Babylon to drive home simple, and well, timeless financial advice. Stressing throughout, that anyone who follows the golden rules set down in this book, will be well on their way to true financial wealth. The Richest man in Babylon is perfect for people looking to improve their own personal money management habits.

“In those things toward which we exerted our best endeavors we succeeded.”
― George S. Clason

  • Cyrus the great- Xenophon,  revised Edition by Larry Hedrick

Arguably the world’s  original work on Leadership, written by Xenophon, an Athenian soldier and student of Socrates, around 370 BC, which is barely a cyruscentury  after Cyrus’ passing, Cyrus the great reveals the story of Persian Prince Cyrus’ rise to power whilst constantly demonstrating how one should aspire to lead. Humble yet ambitious, powerful yet merciful, wealthy yet generous, the story of Cyrus the great provides a welcome change to Tyrants that litter that annals of history. Although the oldest Tome in this list. The lessons put down here truly stand the test the time providing relevant advice to the leaders of today. The revised addition by Larry Hedrick is highly recommended as it sums simply the lessons of each section. A must read for anyone seeking to improve their leadership abilities .

  • Aesop’s Fables-Aesop

Attributed to a slave and story-teller Aesop,believed to have lived in ancient Greece in between 620 and 564 BC. Aesop’s fables is a collection of short stories  focuses on a slightly different theme yet is essential none the less. Simply written, the morals highlighted in these short stories explore basic human nature and offer precise reminders of common-sense (though one could argue not some common sense). For anyone looking to improve their understanding of People, and how we are likely to act during various circumstances.

  • The Slight Edge -Jeff Olsen

The Slight Edge explores the importance of those small, straightforward and simple execute daily actions (,yet just as easy not to!), discussing how crucial to one’s success they can be. Throughout the book Olsen constantly reiterates that often the secret to successslightedge is to in fact, not focus on achieving one-off, huge, earth-moving feats, but rather to shift your focus to the power of these small , seemingly insignificantly daily habits. And it is indeed these actions that, compounding rapidly over time, that actually lift you up to the very heights of success. A grounding reminder for anyone that feels intimidated by the media-enhanced successes of the rich and famous

“Consistently repeated daily actions + time = unconquerable results”-Jeff Olsen.

  • The One Thing– Gary Keller

Gary Keller , co-founder of Keller-Williams Realty, has crafted well-timed piece inspired by the Pareto principle (20/80), read the book if you’re not familiar. Gary takes this principle a step further brilliantly explaining  the importance of discovering and working on that one thing at any point in time that will take your business to the next level.  The One Thing also covers the importance of asking  right questions, how to foster positive habits and states that  that true success doesn’t happen overnight, but rather is achieved sequentially, resulting from identifying then acting on that  one thing,  day in day out and . A  compelling how-to of Priority, (singular), designed to simplify one’s life, all the while adding to it.


  • Zero to One, notes on start-ups or how to build the future – Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel,  is arguably one of silicon valleys’ most consistent and brightest stars, and his recently published book is a collection of  the lessons he learned firsthand building and investing in such companies as Paypal , Youtube, Facebook and Y-coordinator,0-1 a venture capitalists fund which invests specifically in emerging tech start-ups. Much of the books content being derived from his numerous lectures.

Challenging, direct and inspiring Zero to One  is a must read for all tech start-ups and indeed anyone looking to discover a proven blueprint for huge success.

“Doing what we already know how to do takes the world from 1 to n, adding more of something familiar. But every time we create something new, we go from 0 to 1. The act of creation is singular, as is the moment of creation, and the result is something fresh and strange.”-Peter Thiel 

  • Losing My Virginity – Sir Richard Branson

The Mr Nice Guy of Business, over a lifetime of building businesses coupled with his numerous publicity stunts, Richard Branbrnaosnson has become a business icon himself. Losing My Virginity is a  candid look inside the tumultuous life of one of the world’s most recognizable Billionaires. A no holds barred inspiring biography , Losing My Virginity proves that neither age nor a lack of traditional education is impediments to success. Two Key points to remember,  constantly challenge your limits and always put people first. Recommended reading for anyone who has at some point , been plagued by self-doubt.

  • 48 Laws of Power- Robert Greene

The Amercian author of 5 international best-sellers, Robert Greene has been labeled by some as the “modern Machiavelli”  and to anyone who has read both The Prince and 48 Laws of Power the reason is blatantly clear. download (3)Greene provides a no-nonsense, highly logical and occasionally  brutally callous  handbook for anyone striving  to achieve more power and control over their life and environment. Greene’s dedication and extensive research of his subject matter are refreshingly apparent in each segment, provided  through the rich tapestry of real-life examples he utilizes. Part history lesson, part  biography collection,  part anthropology and 100% entertaining the 48 laws of Power delivers  great value for money.


So what books are you currently reading? And which have been a major influence in your life? please comment below

“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” —Vera Nazarian

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