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6 Tips to help you Work More Effectively From Home

There are many great advantages to working from home,  due in part to the advance of the internet age combined with a shift in company culture more and more entrepreneurs, companies and thus intrapreneurs are embracing the convenience and indeed expediency of working from home. Continue reading

Budget 101: How the small things can make all the difference.

Budgeting, is  not the most exciting part of finance, yet nevertheless a crucial skillset necessary to achieve financial freedom. In general, budgeting and developing the habit thereof is relatively easy. Simply a matter of tracking , recording and analysing expenses and income then of making the necessary adjustments.

Although deceptively simply it is a skillset many that struggle financially neglect.  Perhaps it is because it is so simple, or maybe it is due to a shortage of discipline, however, the fact remains that many people cheat themselves when it comes to their budget, that, or overlook it completely. Yes, budgeting and frugality, in general, is not sexy, yet all financially successful individuals have one thing in common. They spend less than they earn. Continue reading

4 Advantages of Starting an Online Buisness

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With the advancement of technology and a great resource such as the internet at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to start a business. And with the millennial generation having grown up with  technology an increasing number of your (potential) customers are heading online to purchase , research or find that particular product or service they need. So If you are in business in this day and age and do not have an online presence you are missing out on a huge source of growth and income. Here are a few advantages of starting an online Business, or if you have a traditional bricks and mortar business, advantages to developing an online presence.
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