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6 Tips to help you Work More Effectively From Home

There are many great advantages to working from home,  due in part to the advance of the internet age combined with a shift in company culture more and more entrepreneurs, companies and thus intrapreneurs are embracing the convenience and indeed expediency of working from home. Continue reading

The Significance of Frustration

stratioOften, being an Entrepreneur can be extremely frustrating. Especially in the early stages, when it seems like so much is an uphill battle, the huge workload,  the long hours, the taking on of many various roles, (as it often happens in early stage start-ups) constant cash flow worries, and the struggle to carve out your individual niche or get your product or service accepted in the marketplace. All these factors and more can  lead to a huge build up of frustration. But interestingly, it seems that nearly all people, who have had  significant impacts in their chosen field have experienced this (read industry disrupters). Maybe this negative side effect of creating your business  is, in fact, a trait that can be converted into an advantage. Continue reading

4 Advantages of Starting an Online Buisness

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With the advancement of technology and a great resource such as the internet at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to start a business. And with the millennial generation having grown up with  technology an increasing number of your (potential) customers are heading online to purchase , research or find that particular product or service they need. So If you are in business in this day and age and do not have an online presence you are missing out on a huge source of growth and income. Here are a few advantages of starting an online Business, or if you have a traditional bricks and mortar business, advantages to developing an online presence.
Continue reading

Words & Phrases All Young Entrepreneurs Need to Eliminate From Their Vocabulary Now.

Our Speech and the power of the words and phrases that we use is one of the most significant tools that we possess in our business arsenal. The manner in which we converse with people, and ourselves, weaves the pattern of our relationships and sets the tone for how much we can achieve and how far we can go in any given task. Continue reading

A Selection of Books all Entrepreneurs Should Read Part1

5020935650_2ab6969092_zWe here at the millennial entrepreneur are self-confessed bookworms and believe that a well cultivated, regular reading habit (30 minutes plus per day) is one of the most crucial actions one could possibly take to ensure success in any given field. Continue reading

10 Fantastic Quotes on Success , Business & Life


The Entrepreneur life has a lot of positive things to be said for it, alas, being easy is not one. Regardless, of the stage you are at with your Start-up, whether it be the concept stage, the fund-raising stage, or the  launch or post-launch stage, and you are beginning to feel overwhelmed,  here are ten timeless quotes to keep you motivated and on-track during your journey. Continue reading